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Automated Slide Sorting and Filing​

SlideTrack is a benchtop system that automates the sorting and archiving of pathology slides. An operator can load up to two hundred slides at a time then walk away, allowing SlideTrack to process independently.


Each slide is scanned for barcodes, key characters, unique identifiers or even colours. This information is used to sort, divert or archive slides into long term storage magazines. 


The location of each slide is stored as a part of a larger database so that individual slides or entire cases can be reliably located and retrieved. Once a storage magazine is full, it can be placed into traditional long term storage boxes/infrastructure.


Save Time


Greatly reduce staff time spent sorting and filing slides and blocks, allowing them to focus on higher yield activities in the lab.
Tired of manual slide filing? 


Manage the histology library to ensure total traceability, something that is missing from existing tracking systems and archiving methods.


Eliminate Errors


Eliminate the potential of human filing errors that would delay slide and block retrieval or result in a lost sample
Storage Capacity


Every long term storage box is filled to capacity which results in a much higher overall storage capacity.

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